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Международная летняя школа экуменического центра "Агапэ"

Экуменический центр "Агапэ" (Италия) приглашает принять участие в международной летней школе, которая состоятся с 27 июля по 17 августа 2019 г. Рабочие языки - итальянский, английский, французский и испанский. К заявке нужно приложить рекомендательное и мотивационное письма. Библейско-богословский институт готов написать рекомендательное письмо своим выпускникам. 

 Agape’s Summer School

From march 15th Agape will accept scholarship applications for 2019 international adults camps. The application deadline is April 30th, 2019.

The Scholarship program is the international summerschool of Agape Ecumenical Center. The summerschool brings together three perspectives on the world: one linked to one’s own body, one to the surrounding society and finally to transcendence. The scholarship program therefore offers a transversal view of the world through the Agape approach based on community life and exchange.

Everyone who is interested in the theme of a camp and who is willing to be involved in it’s community life is able to take part in it. These are the basic things that are needed in order to have meaningful meetings with each other and a real exchange of ideas. At the beginning of its history, Agape was mainly attended by Protestants. However, very soon Catholics and non-believers began to take part in the camps too. Today Agape is attended by people that identify themselves in many and varied spiritual practices.

Date / Campo

            • 27 July - 3 August / International Ultragender / Workcamp Camp - Ultragender childhood and adulthood
            • 3 August - 10 August / International Theological Camp - Baptism
            • 10 August - 17 August / International Oikonomia Camp - Economic ConnÆctions

Agape provides scholarships for people over eighteen who want to take part in the international camps at Agape. In particular we would like to offer scholarships to people from the Southern Hemisphere and Eastern Europe to further their participation in our international camps. We can reimburse some travel expenses and fund the cost of staying at Agape. Regretfully, we are not able to meet every request for financial aid since the demand is greater than the funds that we have available. All applications will be considered carefully.

The three camps in the scholarship program form a unique experience and then we will accept only candidates who will participate in the whole period (three weeks). Exceptions are to be agreed with the management. Please note that the scholarship program is not a tourist experience and that it will not be possible not to participate in the activities of the camp for tourist reasons. A basic level of English or French or Spanish or Italian to discuss freely is essential. Agape reserves the right to deny the reimbursement to those who give false declaration during the application phase.


Scholarships are awarded to applicants according to the following criteria. It is very important that you refer to these points when completing the application. Priority will be given to applicants:

    • that are motivated to attend the whole scholarship program
    • who have never attended a camp at Agape
    • who show interest in Agape’s activities and are motivated to come to Agape
    • who can provide a support letter from an organization/a group that is already part of Agape’s existing network
    • who will provide a short motivation letter
    • whose expenses are in part covered by their organization/local groups
    • who will share their experience with other people once they return to their community

What to Apply for

In completing the scholarship application form, please tell us how much of your stay and travel fare you will pay (we suggest that you or your organization cover at least 10%). We also encourage you to apply within your organization for some financial assistance. External financial support will help us to make camp scholarships available to a greater number of participants in need of assistance.

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