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Конференция: "Богословие общества" прошла в Бозе (Италия) PDF

From 28 September to 1 October 2021, St. Andrew's Biblical Theological Institute and The Monastery of Bose (Italy) have organized the International Conference "Theology of Community". See the list of papers presented at the conference (some are available online - click the links below). 

Programme of the conference

  • Hans Ulrich Gerber. Community as expression of the Kingdom of God: Anabaptist, ecumenical and inter-religious perspectives toward a theology of community
  • Vladimir Cvetković. The end of episcopocentrism and emergence of a new Orthodox ecclesiology of community
  • Giandomenico Boffi. "Rediscovering" real community life: The importance of materiality
  • Ondřej Kolář. How to deal theologically with the foreign? Theo Sundermeier's understanding of convivencia and its applicability to post-modern society
  • Romilo Knežević. Genius and a new type of monasticism
  • Christos Veskoukis. A creativity-based model of Eastern Orthodox social communication and egagement: The case of Nikolai Berdyaev and John Chrysostom
  • Oleg Davydov. Christian gift of being beyond social dialectics
  • Elena Stepanova. Russian Orthodox moral teaching and everyday moral dilemmas in Russia
  • Pavlo Smytsnyuk. Longing for community: Pandemics, the Eucharist, and the agony of the atomized world