Новая конференция: "Богословие Святого Духа: личный духовный опыт и харизматические движения в современных церквях" (12-15 нояб. 2014, Сибиу, Румыния)

В современном христианстве важную роль играет представление о действенном присутствии Святого Духа в Церкви и в человеке. Какое место отводят личному религиозному опыту и переживанию Духа традиционные церкви? Как они относятся к харизматическим движениям в своей среде и к пятидесятническим церквам?

Рабочий язык конференции - английский, поэтому подробная информация приводится по-английски.


St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute (Moscow, Russia)

Institute of Ecumenical Research (Sibiu, Romania)

DELM – Development of Ecumenical Leadership in Mission Network

with the support of
ICCO - Kerk in Actie (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Invitation and Call for Papers

International Conference



12–15 November 2014

Sibiu, Romania



The idea of the real indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in the human person, stressed already in the New Testament, plays an important role in contemporary Christianity; it is especially explicit in Pentecostal churches but also in charismatic movements in many traditional churches. The emphasis is placed on the felt experience of the presence of the Spirit, with particular attention to certain charismas, connected to the event of Pentecost.

In contemporary culture much attention is given to individual perception and experience. This results within Christian churches in the question of many believers: "How can I experience the Christian message in my own life?" Pentecostal churches and charismatic movements are closely connected to this attitude, which seems to form the basis of their success. On the other hand, traditional churches treat this kind of experience with suspicion because they regard it as purely emotional and not in line with traditional church teaching. This does not mean however that the idea of personal experience of the Holy Spirit is absent from the teaching of traditional churches. Thus, the idea of the gaining of the Holy Spirit by each and every Christian during his/her life is central to the teaching of the Orthodox Church, although this is understood in a different way than in Pentecostal churches.

In the course of the Conference, it is intended to address the following questions:


Those who wish to present a paper should send a summary (500 words at most) by e-mail to St. Andrew’s by 1 September 2014. The Organizing Committee selects papers for the Conference and sends invitations to the speakers. The full text of all selected papers will have to be submitted by 1 November 2014. The working language of the conference will be English. Upon arrival at the conference every participant will receive summaries of all the papers and the conference programme. Papers are scheduled for 30 minutes each.

Summaries and papers should be sent to:

Mikhail Tolstoluzhenko

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Jerusalem St. 3, Moscow, 109316, Russia

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The conference will assemble on 12 November 2014 for a reception and opening ceremony in the evening. Participants will depart after breakfast on 15 November. Accommodation and meals will be provided by the organizers.


Numbers are limited and early registration is strongly advised. Registration forms can be found on St. Andrew's website www.standrews.ru and must be sent to the above address.

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