The Jaroslav Pelikan Day in Moscow (13 Dec. 2013)

The Jaroslav Pelikan Day in Moscow


13 December 2013, Moscow



This year we celebrate 90 years since the birth of Jaroslav Pelikan (17 December 1923 – 13 May 2006), an outstanding scholar in the field of the history of Christian theology. A special place among his numerous books belongs to the five-volume The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine (1971–1989) in which he studies doctrinal development in Christianity from its beginnings until the modern times. This work is one of the most significant contributions to historical theology and to intellectual history in general, so the influence of Jaroslav Pelikan on different branches of contemporary theology as well as on other disciplines deserves serious consideration. He also a taught at Yale University and other institutions, and many contemporary Christian theologians were among his pupils.


Jaroslav Pelikan was also a patron of St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute. Within the framework of The Jaroslav Pelikan Day in Moscow theologians, historians, philosophers and other specialists gathered to reflect on his role as a scholar and a teacher. 

Programme of The Jaroslav Pelikan Day in Moscow (in Russian)