St. Andrew's is a unique educational institution located in Moscow, Russia. Its primary purpose is to train lay people in theology and religious studies as professors and teachers, catechists, translators, editors, and journalists. It also provides continuing education for ordained clergy. Although St. Andrew's shares cultural and religious roots with the Russian Orthodox Church, it is a totally independent institution, not owned nor financed by either church or state.

The history of St Andrew's started on 8 September 1990 when Fr Alexander Men gave the first lecture in the Sunday Orthodox University which he founded. In 1995 a formal higher educational institution 'St Andrew's Biblical Theological College' was established on the basis of educational programs developed in the University. 

St. Andrew's provides the opportunity to study the Bible and theology to everyone who wants this. It has an innovative five-year curriculum in scripture, theology, sacred and secular history, religious pedagogy, literature and art. Its courses are taught by distinguished specialists. St. Andrew's also organizes summer institutes, seminars, public lectures, academic conferences, and paper contests.

Through the many books and journals published by the St. Andrew's Press, it reaches a wide audience. St. Andrew's became a leader in academic theological publishing in Russia and the former Soviet Union countries.

We hope that even a partial realisation of our educational, publishing and academic programs and other projects will furnish a good base for the development of interconfessional and interfaith dialogues and will help to bridge the gulf between church and society in Russia.