International Conference "Ecumenical Theology and Hermeneutics" (16-19 Oct. 2013, Bose, Italy)

The aim of the forthcoming Conference is to reflect on the ways of interpretation of texts, symbols and practices in Eastern and Western Christian traditions; to identify current impediments to further development of ecumenical dialogue; and to discuss the possibility of new theological and hermeneutical approaches which could be applied in the situation of contemporary, “post-modern” world and would allow to overcome existing obstacles and to establish better mutual understanding between different ...Читать

Scientific Conference "Science and religious knowledge of the world: the unity and difference"

Center for Problem Analysis and the Governance at the UN, RAS Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences Biblical Theological Institute of St.. Andrew conducted All-Russian Conference "Scientific and religious knowledge of the world: the unity and difference" (October 11, 2013, INION) Conference Chair: Vladimir Yakunin - Dr. polit. Science


International Conference "Can Orthodox Theology Be Contextual? Concrete Approaches from the Orthodox Tradition" (23-26 May 2013)

The organizers true intent is to provide an Orthodox theology that would engage in a sophisticated manner the challenges and questions of the contemporary situation. Rather than attempting to ignore the Fathers, the conference hopes to show the relevancy of the Fathers for contemporary situation. Читать

Workshop "Media, Religion and Civil Society" (16 May 2013, Moscow)

It is widely recognized today that religion plays an important role in formation of moral values and other essential norms which determine the spiritual dimension of the society and of the individual. Civil society guarantees lots of freedoms, including freedom of belief, but at the same time all religions put their own limitations on their adherents which often come into conflict with liberal freedoms. The role of the media is crucial in resolving (or, on the contrary, exacerbating) such issues, ...Читать

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Quarterly "Pages: Theology, Culture, Education" 22:4 (2018/19)


St. Andrew's Catalogue of Publications 2018

Hans Urs von Balthasar. The Glory of the Lord: A Theological Aesthetics. Vol. 2: The Sphere of Styles. Part I: Clerical Styles


Alexei Bodrov, Mikhail Tolstoluzhenko (eds). Religion and Nationalism

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