Moscow Summer Theological Institute 2014

From 30 June to 12 July 2014, St. Andrew’s has organized its annual Moscow Summer Theological Institute (MSTI). About 40 participants from different regions of Russia as well as from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries came to Moscow to listen to interesting lecture courses in theology, philosophy, church history and other disciplines. Students also took part in many exciting discussions on related subjects.

MSTI is a great opportunity for people interested in theology but living very far from each other, to gather together and to share their thoughts and experiences. In this sense MSTI is a unique project – it allows people separated by thousands of kilometres to meet like-minded Christians of their own and different traditions. The MSTI-2014 participants represented all main Christian confessions: the Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic ones.

Common photograph

Opening ceremony (Fr. Iannuary Ivliev, Dr. Irina Yazykova, Dr. Alexei Bodrov, sister Teresa Obolevitch, Dr. Alexei Nesteruk)

Opening ceremony

MSTI-2014 stunents

MSTI-2014 students (excursion to the New Jeusalem Monastery)