Conference on Paul's Epistles (2-3 June 2016, Moscow)

Institute for Bible Translation
St. Thomas Institute 
St. Andrew's Biblical Theological Institute 

International Conference 


Paul's Epistles 

June 2-3, 2016 

Moscow, Russia

The Institute for Bible Translation in Russia (, together with the St. Thomas Institute ( and St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute (, is pleased to announce a two-day international scholarly conference devoted to the study of Paul’s writings in the context of the New Testament world and Early Christianity. The broad conference theme is Paul and his epistles. This topic is very relevant for the church and scholarly community especially in light of the dearth of Russian-language Pauline studies. In light of the scarcity of existing Russian (non-translated) commentaries on the writings of Paul, IBT is planning to publish a lay commentary on the Pauline Epistles in 2016. 

We invite you to present on a topic in Pauline studies (30 minute presentation + 10 minute discussion), preferably with a PowerPoint. We plan to publish your paper in a volume of conference proceedings following the conference. Please send us a confirmation of your intention to participate and an abstract of your paper (up to 300 words) in English or Russian by the end of May 2016 to

The working languages of the conference are English and Russian. 

The intended audience of the conference includes biblical scholars (especially those involved in Pauline studies), university and seminary students, priests and pastors, Bible translators, and interested lay people.