St. Andrew's conferences and other events in 2016 PDF

  • Feast and Hospitality Images in Theology, Philosophy and Culture. 7th Symposium in memory of Natalia Trauberg (Moscow, Russia, 7 May 2016)
  • Theology, Culture, Society (Моscow, Russia, 14 May 2016)
  • Paul’s Epistles (Моscow, Russia, 2-3 June 2016)
  • 15th Moscow Summer Theological Institute (Moscow, Russia, 4–16 July 2016)
  • 1st Summer Institute on Interconfessional and Interreligious Dialogue (Moscow, Russia, 4–16 July 2016)
  • Swiss and Russian Theology: Mutual Influences and Perception (Moscow, Russia, 21–25 September 2016)
  • Russian Synodal Bible in the Context of Russian Culture (Zaoksky, Russia, 12–13 October 2016)
  • Theology of Suffering in Ecumenical Perspective (Bose, Italy, 26–29 October 2016)
  • Theology of Nature: Divine Gift and Human Responsibility (Utrecht, the Netherlands, 9–12 November 2016)
  • Reformation, Church and Society (Moscow, Russia, 11–14 December 2016)
  • 21st St. Andrew’s Readings on Contemporary Theological Issues (Moscow, Russia, 12–14 December 2016)

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