Our Christmas greetings

Glory to God in Highest, Peace and Good Will to All People!
Dear Friends! 
As we celebrate the birth of Christ the Lord, 
May you be filled with peace and joy during this Christmas season 
And throughout the coming year. 
We wish you and those dear to you peace, love, well-being and health.

Dr. Alexei Bodrov, Rector 
on behalf of St. Andrew’s faculty and staff 


St. Andrew's in 2023

This year was most difficult for us, some projects could not be continued as we had hoped for. However we continued our most important projects with an emphasis on ecumenical dialogue and civil society, published new books and organized two sessions of our Summer Institutes and several international conferences. 

Summer Theological Institutes

We continued our highly successful Summer Theological Institute (STI). There were two sessions of the 22nd STI in Moscow from 26 June to 8 July (one group included those who had theological education and another included students of secular universities). These were vibrant meetings with very intensive studies and active communication between students and teachers. 35 students came from all over Russia and represented all major Christian confessions. Many of them were established specialists in their fields. Teachers were St. Andrew’s best professors. As a continuation of the STI we organized a series of seminars in Christianity in the modern world.

Interconfessional and International Cooperation

We held two important international conferences: Religious Values in a Democratic Society on 19-22 September in Bose, Italy (jointly with the Monastery of Bose) and Religious Values in Contemporary Society on 13-14 December in Moscow (jointly with Pokrovskie Vorota Cultural Centre). The last one was a combination of physical presence and Zoom – it worked very well! We also hosted two local conferences targeting a wider audience: “Share lunch with a friend”: Feast Images in Theology, Philosophy and Culture, 13th Symposium in Memory of Natalia Trauberg on 22 April and 28th St. Andrew’s Readings on Contemporary Theological Issues on 16 December.

St. Andrew’s rector and other faculty members participated in several international events includinga visit to Chevetogne Monastery (Belgium, 20-24 February), Journées d’Arras annual conference (on Muslim-Christian dialogue, Sarajevo, 30 May - 3 June), Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag (Nuremberg, 6-10 June), Arab-European citizens dialogue (Cairo, 12-17 June), 30th anniversary Renovabis Congress (Munich, 12-14 September), Oikosnet-Europe annual conference (Basel, 4-8 October) and a lecture ‘Orthodoxy in contemporary world’ for Protestant students in Basel (30 November).

Publishing Program

St. Andrew’s is a recognized leader in academic theological publishing in Russian and our books are in demand at Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant seminaries, university theology departments and, most important, in the secular market. In 2023 we published and reprinted 15 volumes including:

  • Introduction to Biblical Prophecy by José Luis Sicre
  • The Bible and Early Christianity by Innokentiy Pavlov
  • Beyond Secular Order. The Representation of Being and the Representation of the People by John Milbank
  • The Beauty through the Ages. Essays on Christian Art by Irina Yazykova
  • Erster Blick auf Adrienne von Speyr by Hans Urs von Balthasar
  • Vladimir Soloviev by Hans Urs von Balthasar
  • Religion in a Digital Society by Alexei Bodrov and Mikhail Tolstoluzhenko, eds.
  • Jesus und das Judentum by Martin Hengel and Anna Maria Schwemer
  • Remember and Walk. Deuteronomy, a prophetic rereading by Alberto Mello

Our participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair helps us to develop cooperation with leading publishers worldwide. And we maintain our special book distribution projects to theological, university and regional libraries and to theological graduates – though at a very reduced scale this year.

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