International Conference "Can Orthodox Theology Be Contextual? Concrete Approaches from the Orthodox Tradition" (23-26 May 2013) PDF

International Conference

Can Orthodox Theology Be Contextual? Concrete Approaches from the Orthodox Tradition


23-26 May 2013

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The Conference will be held on 23-26 May 2013 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and is being organized by the Volos Academy for Theological Studies in co-operation with the Romanian Institute for Inter-Orthodox, Inter-Confessional and Inter-Religious Studies (INTER, Cluj-Napoca, Romania); St Andrews Biblical Theological Institute (Moscow); the Orthodox Christian Studies Center, Fordham University (USA); the Chair of Orthodox Theology, Münster University (Germany); the Christian Cultural Center of Belgrade (Serbia); the Institute for the Study of Culture and Christianity (Belgrade, Serbia) and the European Forum of the Orthodox Schools of Theology (EFOST, Brussels) with the support of the Orthodox Metropolis of Cluj, and the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania).

The previous conference on contextual Orthodox theology that took place on 3-6 June 2010 in Volos, Greece was by all accounts a tremendous success: the papers given were of the highest quality, attendance was high, and viewership through the internet received 12,000 hits from many different countries. The conference also provoked a very lively discussion in Greece and throughout the Orthodox world, which, again, is a sign of its success.

For this reason, a follow-up conference is necessary to provide concrete examples of contextual theology that would manifest the organizers true intent—to provide an Orthodox theology that would engage in a sophisticated manner the challenges and questions of the contemporary situation. Rather than attempting to ignore the Fathers, the conference hopes to show the relevancy of the Fathers for contemporary situation. The conference would also highlight the need that in light of questions and challenges the Fathers could never even imagine. Orthodox theology needs to engage in a constructive development of the thought of the Fathers. All these substantial issues will be addressed and honestly discussed in the framework of the International Conference “Can Orthodox Theology Be Contextual? Concrete Approaches from the Orthodox Tradition”. The official language of the conference is English. 

Conference Program